I always say I’m going to make a t-shirt that says, “Why did I wait??!!”  This is rhetorical question that I hear often after someone receives their first chiropractic adjustment.  Usually, it is followed with a description of an apprehension that delayed their introduction to chiropractic care.  That apprehension, of course, quickly fades as it is replaced with the euphoria of feelings that flood your body following a chiropractic adjustment. 

I often hear of the limited view of how chiropractic care helps relieve neck and back pain.  If people are open to wholistic care (massage, chiropractic, lymphatic enhancement therapy, cold laser, ionic foot baths, etc), then they essentially wait until the “need” relief to pursue such care.  It is much less common for people to use proactive practices such as drinking adequate water, eating the rainbow, working out, deep breathing, or supplementing various systems in your body.  It is even more uncommon to hear of people seeking proactive treatments, such as adjustments, when they are feeling GOOD. 

I hope that with just a few more words, I can help you perceive the benefits of using wholistic care in general when you feel GOOD to feel your BEST!

Power Poses That Project Happiness And Increase Your Mood
  1. Improved sleep, digestion, respiration, circulation, and mood!  Every system works in harmony to care for the needs that you demand of your body – work, school, recreational, fitness goals, etc.  Wholistic care relieves the “work load” on your body that is required to keep your baseline normal, it leaves more energy for your demands.
  2. When you receive alternative care in a feeling-good state, your care-giver can help relieve deeper, older dysfunction to help you reach new levels of function.
  3. With increased proprioception and processing (refined nerve synapses) you can avoid falls, injuries, and poor performance.  I love thinking about prevention in all ways!!! 
  4. It is statistically proven that keeping your nervous system in fine tune will help you miss less work, recover quicker, and experience fewer complications from illness/injury. 
  5. When you feel good, you feel good!!  It’s hard to argue that how you feel physically affects how you feel emotionally 😉

Whether you are brand new to wholistic practices or you are the wait-til-there-is-a-problem guy, I hope you will not wait.  Experience for yourself how being proactive in your health and healing can help you be more awesome in every way!!

In Love and Service,

Dr. T

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