I have so much to say about this experience, it’s hard to find a starting point!!!  I guess I should start with a little about our Olde English Bulldogge.  


His name is Bambino.  He is around the corner from his 2nd Birthday (May 2nd).  Bambino was a surprise for Joey’s 31st Birthday in September of 2009.  He was named after Babe Ruth (Joey is a huge Yankees fan!).  He is a pretty big guy, usually hanging out around 90 pounds.  Needless to say, with that irresistable face, he stole our hearts and has been one of our “boys” ever since.  To avoid an injustice, we have two boys.  Fitch is our 12 year old terrier mix.  These two little guys are our pride and joy!  We travel with them, they sleep with us, we lay in the floor and wrestle, only the best food and health products, they get monthly pedicures….I’m sure you have the picture, these boys are our children!! 

Now that you know how much we LOVE our boys, let me say Bambino is HIGH MAINTENANCE!!!  I was spoiled for the ten years prior to adding Bambino to the family!  I rescued Fitch from a rain storm when he was a puppy and he has been the coolest, smartest, most awesome dog ever!  He is always in a good mood, he very rarely has any illness or problems, let me just say he is THE MAN!  Not to say I love Bambino any less, but he makes it hard some days with all of the trouble he gets into!  He gets into anything that has “funk” on it, in turn he has diarrhea within 12 hours!  He likes to chase cars, WHILE he’s on his leash, leaving us with all sorts of bumps, bruises and sore spots.  He has jumped OUT of the car window while going 35 MPH in attempt to chase a car in the oncoming lane!  He was diagnosed with Ehrlichia, causing Joey and I a LOT of worry and stress.  After putting our brains together with an awesome veterinarian in Rayville, LA we thankfully discovered he did not have Ehrlichia!  Anyhow, the list goes on, but you can see he keeps us on our toes!  One of the main struggles we are continually battling with him is his skin.  The breeder, a very nice lady in Georgetown, TX, assured us that this breed, particularly her blood-line, is free of skin problems that their relative the English Bulldogge possess.  I think we have grounds for dispute! 

I wanted to be a veterinarian from a very young age.  I pursued that dream all the way through undergrad, earning a degree in Animal Science.  In the meantime I was employed by, and volunteered for, many veterinarians, both small and large animal.  I don’t know it all by any means, but I know enough to be inquisitive.  With this being said, you can understand why I have put myself in the middle of Bambino’s care.  I have exhausted many resources, including people and reference material.  When we began our most recent journey, I decided to document the whole thing in an effort to share it!  Now that you are up to speed on the background of this “experiment” I’ll dive in!

First, I should disclose that I am not a researcher.  I don’t really like to read it, I am definitely not qualified to conduct a publishable research project, and I do not claim to be an expert on the associated conditions, animal medicine or the products/techniques used.  I say that because I don’t want to mislead you.  I am a chiropractor with a big heart who loves to learn.  I put together some ideas (with a variety of help) and used them to successfully help Bambino recover from a germ overtaking, naturally.  So, this is just one dog, one study and one person’s ideas.  ENJOY!

About a week before Christmas Bambino went on an escapade in the woods behind our house.  When he “escapes” into this beautiful mess of pine tree and brush, we never know what he gets into….pretty scary!  This occassion he came home with a scratch on his left hind leg.  No big deal, minor incident, we left it to heal.  When we left for Christmas, we decided not to take the boys because we knew we would be coming home with a car-full.  We asked Joey’s parents to feed them and take them on their walks.  While we were gone on our two day outing to Texas, the weather was beautiful here in Louisiana so they decided to turn Bambino out in their backyard during the day.  Well, when we came home the scratch looked more like a sore and he had two additional lesions on each side of his tail.  His entire abdomen was red and bumpy too!

These weren’t little spots that I wanted to leave to heal (using previous skin-related experience with Bambino).  I immediately increased his fish oil, added a probiotic and sprayed the areas with colloidal silver.  We also have colloidal silver in their water bowl to help maintain gum health.  For those that are not familiar with colloidal silver, I will get to that in just a bit 🙂  So, while attempting to boost the healing potential within his body, Bambino could not resist the urge to LICK!!  He would apparently lick all day while we were at work because when we would come home the three areas would look more irritated and they began to bleed and ooze puss.  We are now at the Saturday following Christmas, New Year’s Day.  I decided I would “fix” the licking problem so I went to the store and got an E-Collar.  An E-Collar is one of those huge cone collars that wrap around the dog’s neck and extend out past their muzzle to keep them from licking and chewing.  Before I introduced the collar, I really tortured him (in his opinion) and gave him a bath.  I used this opportunity to scrub all of the lesions to get the “goop” out of his hair, clean up the wounds and see what we were working with up close.  It was not pretty, but I was confident he had a chance to heal now that he didn’t have free reign all day.  We continued his supplement regiment and introduced the collar, which he wore at all times!  We felt sorry for him a few times because he would sit in front of his toys and just stare, so we would take it off.  Within a few minutes he would find a spot that needed to be licked.  A few repeats of this and we resisted the urge!

By Wednesday the lesions were healing quite nicely.  They had all started to scab and did not look as inflammed.  He still had a ways to go, particularly in the left hind leg.  The original scratch was in the bend of his knee and was taking a little longer.  That night I gave him another bath to clean up and take a close look at the progress.  During his bath, I noticed that his chin and neck were a little inflammed.  The area smelled yeasty and was a little thicker feeling when I rubbed it.  You can only guess my excitement! 

On Thursday I called his veterinarian and asked to make an appointment for Monday.  They accommodated my request and scheduled him for a colloidal silver IV Monday, January 10th.  On Friday, his neck was even more inflammed and had started to break into a few sores, some areas seeped puss.  I called back and asked if Bam could stay overnight and get an extra dose (I am really discouraged at this point).  They explained that they were not open on Saturday and that they felt like his stay on Monday would be plenty of time to get a sufficient dose of colloidal silver.  No problem, right??!!

Saturday Bambino’s neck was BAD!  Let’s call the skin hanging from his neck a sack.  I don’t know how else to explain how it looked hanging from his neck!  The skin itself was extremely irritated – lots of puss, blood, goop!  I called my mom at this point.  She is a veterinary technician and breeds Great Danes.  She spends a lot of time researching care of dogs to minimize outbreaks in her breeding stock and obviously the little ones as they hit the ground.  She uses a lot of natural remedies to not only eliminate bacteria and viruses, but also to boost immune system function.  I thought it would be good to make sure I was doing all I could to get him through the weekend.  As we talked, my description of his condition led her to believe that he might have a pocket of infection under the skin.  She suggested I lance the neck and drain the infection.  I’m not sure at this point if it was my raging pregnancy hormones, my mommy instincts or just absolute frustration, but I began to cry and handed the phone over to Joey.  I didn’t think that I could touch his neck, much less make an incision and then express the mess!  I usually go for that kind of stuff, but it was quite different when it was my little boy!  Anyhow, I eventually developed the nerve to wash his neck and lance it.  I am blessed to have such a willing and patient husband.  He helped me get through it, and thankfully it was not a subdermal infection!  His skin was just so thickened from the yeast and infection that it was pulling his wrinkles out!

Well we made it through the weekend and the ice storm from Sunday night.  As we arrived at his appointment Monday, I begged them not to think I was a horrible mom!  Poor guy not only looked awful, but was pretty sad.  I think he was tired of all this too!

Before I turn the corner into the results of his treatment, I want to make good on my promise to tell you more about colloidal silver.  Again, I will admit, I am not an expert, just an advocate with a little information.  We use colloidal silver manufactured by Dave’s Healthy Solutions.  This is a company in Texas.  I mention this because the QUALITY of the colloidal silver we use is a key factor!  You may have heard of the “Blue Man,” Paul Karason.  He took large amounts of colloidal silver that HE made himself.  The silver deposited in his tissues and he turned blue, a condition known as argyria.  This is NOT a problem that we are concerned with.  The colloidal silver that we use has been proven to filter from the tissue within 72 hours.

So, what is colloidal silver.  It is a virtually tasteless, odorless, non-stinging and non-burning liquid.  It has been used for hundreds of years as a powerful, natural remedy with no known side effects.  It can be safely used in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons.  It may be taken orally, or applied directly to cuts, scrapes, open sores, warts, burns, or used as a rinse for acne, eczema and other skin conditions.  It may be gargled, dropped into the eyes and ears, used vaginally, anally, atomized or inhaled into the nose or lungs without fear of burning, stinging or irritation.  According to research conducted by the Department of Microbiology at Brigham Young University, colloidal silver was tested on and found to be effective against numerous bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses.  The reports of these kill-time test studies (1994 – 1996) confirmed neutralization was achieved in less than ten minutes contact time with the colloidal silver.  While most antibiotics destroy about a half dozen germs, colloidal silver has been reported to destroy over 650!  One of the most interesting facts about colloidal silver is that it acts as a catalyst in these germs; it disables the enzyme that they use for their oxygen metabolism, suffocating them.  With this method of action, these germs are unable to build a resistance to the colloidal silver!!!  How awesome is this stuff!!

Now for the big finale!!  I took a LOT of pictures of his progress so you could visualize each step of his healing.  I hope that you are not offended with the graphic nature of the lesions.  I wanted to capture the severity of this infection!  Bare with me as I elaborate on his treatment and his progress over the next seven days!

When I picked him up Monday afternoon, the veterinarian (I didn’t get permission to use his name, so sorry to keep saying “veterinarian”) explained that he had Moist Deep Pyoderma.  This just means he had a bacterial infection that produced puss and penetrated to the deep dermis.  So, in addition to his supplement regiment, he now had colloidal silver given intravenous (IV).  For all of you out there that need details, he was given 4 oz of colloidal silver mixed with B12, Dextrose and Saline.  That evening I adjusted him and gave him a bath with chlorhexiderm shampoo, a sensitive shampoo with antiseptic to help keep the area clean.  I adjusted his atlas and sacrum too.  At this point he had a good appetite and no change in his bowel or bladder function.  He was moderately uncomfortable – gently shaking his head, carrying his head low, carefully licking, rubbing against couch (or anything/anybody) and he was really clingy.  Bambino is just like a kid, when he doesn’t feel good, he likes to be given extra attention and TLC 🙂  To add to what you can see in the pictures, his skin was very thick, red and bumpy.  His neck was especially raw and distended (remember the sack!).  It was bleeding and oozing puss.  He had flaky scabs where the puss would dry and sluff off.  His coat was really loose and he was shedding like crazy!

Tuesday, January 11th was Day 2 of our treatment.  We continued his supplements – fish oil, probiotic and oral colloidal silver.  Today we added cold laser therapy.  We used the yeast and wound frequencies first thing in the morning and again that evening.  I adjusted him again.  On this day he was only mildly uncomfortable.  We really saw his attitude start to lift!  He would fully shake his head, which he was doing as a form of scratching I think.  His ears were clear and we wouldn’t allow him to scratch (although he now had a desire to) so I think it felt good to shake!  He started to carry his head normally.  His sack wasn’t nearly as saggy….he had a few wrinkles again!  He was still clingy, but more peppy in his activities.  He is definitely rubbing against anything he can!  The skin at his neck and hind leg is less thickened.  The scabs are starting to harden and get thick.  He still has some bloody areas, but the puss is minimal.  Although I didn’t photograph it, his abdomen that was red and bumpy was completely clear at this point.

Day 3: January 12th.  Bambino’s treatment today was the same as Day 2.  He continues to have healthy bowels and urinary function.  His appetite is as good as ever.  He is beginning to be exciteable – he’s bouncing through the house like a bull in a china cabinet (his normal behavior).  We had to work a little harder to get pictures because he wouldn’t sit still!  He has his normal posture, he does not appear guarded or uncomfortable.  He is not rubbing as much.  He is finally sleeping deeply, loud snoring and all!  Sleeping is one his favorite things to do!  The skin on his neck is very close to normal thickness.  There are not any areas that are bleeding or oozing.  The scabs look clean…minimal irritation and dry edges.

We’re back around to Thursday!  The 13th of January, Day 4 of treatment.  Today, Bambino got another chlorhexiderm bath.  We took the pictures after his bath.  You can see a lot of the scabs are gone and the healing skin is exposed.  He continues to improve and return to his loveable self! (Momma and Daddy are very relieved that he is getting better and he hasn’t got into anything to set us back!)

TA-DA!!!!  Day 7 was the Monday following the IV colloidal silver treatment, January 17th.  He still has a little hair to reclaim, but his skin is very close to scab-free and he is feeling much better!! 

I’m not sure how these results compare to results with an oral antibiotic (recommended course of care with traditional veterinarian).  I am sure that Bambino healed effectively without the use of oral antibiotics.  I don’t mean for that to sound judgemental.  Our family believes in the body’s ability to heal itself!  Antibiotics are definitely essential in certain situations, they are not without side-effects though.  One of the downfalls to antibiotics is that they kill ALL bacteria, even the good.  With just one “round” of antibiotics, the natural gut flora can be disturbed for life.  If that can be avoided, why not!  In this case, thankfully we were able to avoid it.  In fact, Bambino has never had an antibiotic.  We actually made a veterinarian very upset one time because we declined the antibiotics she recommended (not the same veterinarian that we use now – obviously).  That’s another story for another time 🙂 

So, the beginning of this journey was very frustrating and even had me in tears at one point, but in retrospect I would not have changed a thing!  I truely believe my little guy is happier and healthier because of the choices we made, today and long term.  I hope you were able to take a little from my experience.  I certainly enjoyed my first little “experiment!”  After all is said and done, we will continue to use colloidal silver at our house! 

Blessings to you and your family! 

 Dr. Taryn Lowery