Welcome to Relationship HealthCare


Event-93Thank you so much for your interest in Peace of Life Chiropractic!!! We offer whole-body care, combining thorough analysis, natural treatments and personalized service!  We call it “relationship healthcare.”  We strive to learn your needs, serve them, and exceed your expectations during the process.

We know you will be pleased with your choice to join Peace of Life Chiropractic at Halcyon Village.  Here are our Top 11 reasons you will like having us on your team of professionals that care for you and help you achieve your health goals:

1. We have high standards for RESULTS.  We expect dramatic changes, depending on level of dis-ease or disease, quickly.  If you have not achieved a minimum of 50% change in 2 weeks, we re-evaluate, including consideration of other complementary services and/or professionals.

2. We facilitate an experience that allows you to reach a more optimal level of performance

3. We care about your satisfaction at each encounter

4. We consistently train to offer you and your family the highest quality services and tools to help you feel great

5. We offer well-rounded treatments and recommendations to help you not only be relieved of any symptoms you may have, but more importantly have a more vitalistic life

6. We protect our breast-feeding friendly environment

7. We provide a detailed explanation of the cause of your dis-ease or disease so you can be motivated to make modifications to your day that will minimize your recovery time

8. We are proud to be a hangout where natural healing and alternative lifestyle rendezvous

9. We encourage our patients (and ourselves) to expect miracles

10. We invite our patients and community to grow with us at a variety of venues for learning (cloth diapers, essential oils, whole food nutrition, personal development, etc)

11. We love the Lord and firmly believe in the healing power of the doctor inside of each of us

You can also read what our patient’s words describing our care in some of our favorite testimonies!!!

Hopefully you can see that our practice is unique, and we work hard to keep it that way.  If you feel like we may be a good fit for you and your family, please call us at 972-775-4344.