Meet Dr. Taryn Lowery

Excited to share my interview with Voyage Dallas Magazine ūüôā ¬†It is a philosophically driven team of writers and editors that seek out “The Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas.”

You can check out the full article, but here are a couple of excerpts:

Taryn, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I started my journey in chiropractic as a patient in 2004. I was inspired by the God-given potential for my body to heal, and how different optimal was from normal. In 2007, I started chiropractic college at Parker in Dallas. In the three most intense years of my life I found my purpose in life. I also found my partner in life¬†ūüôā

…..So, August 6th 2012, we opened Peace of Life Chiropractic in Midlothian, TX!! We have grown so much in the last five years!! We have gone from one employee to seven. We have gone from 0 patients to over 800. We recently opened an additional 650 sq. ft., adding massage therapy, cold laser, and the coolest part‚Ķ. Joey and I are working together again!!!

…..Our current vision, and probably our ultimate destination is to relocate in three years to our uniquely designed WHOLISTIC HEALTH CENTER. We aspire to offer a wide variety of professional services such as chiropractic, massage, hydrocolonics, color therapy, infrared light, cold laser, ionic foot baths, counseling, life coaching, nutritional coaching, fertility support, pregnancy care, postpartum services, etc. We will also have accommodations for overnight needs, and hopefully birthing! Our grounds will include a community garden, prayer and meditation center, walking trails, and more. We plan to incorporate holistic care for the whole body and the whole family.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Not ever! Lol!! Not in a bad way. Just like Henry Kissinger said, ‚ÄúA diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.‚ÄĚ I wouldn‚Äôt expect there to never be an obstacle or challenge. They always have a lesson to learn, and make us better at the next challenge. I think the rough road has helped me professionally understand the effects of stress on the body, and made me even more passionate about helping our patients be aware, and then guiding them to resilience!

Peace of Life Chiropractic ‚Äď what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
We are set apart from others by our how and why.

Our how is probably our most unique quality. We are the most un-officey office. We have a serene peaceful space that makes our patients feel at home, especially the kids!

We also have an approach to patient care unlike any other chiropractic practice. We offer attentive, focused care for most all health needs ‚Äď from ADD to hair loss to headaches, we use adjustments and complimentary tools to help patients unleash their inner healer!!

Our why is what we are most proud of. Why we care for patients 6 days a week, come in early and stay late = we love helping people!! Dr. Parker said ‚ÄúLoving service is my first technique.‚ÄĚ We practice this daily. This mindful intention is evident in evert treatment, and can almost be palpated!

What is ‚Äúsuccess‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúsuccessful‚ÄĚ for you?
Success to me has two parts. One is internal harmony. The other is the effect my harmony has on others ‚Äď I strive to always make my heart shine ‚Äď helping them let theirs shine.

I will treasure this opportunity to share our story! ¬†I hope ¬†it inspires another entrepreneur, healer, dreamer, goal-setter! ¬†I will keep telling our story ūüôā ¬†May God continue to be our portion, and provide the grace and provision that allow us to keep serving with love and compassion!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!!  Your love and support is an asset that we treasure!!

In Love and Service,

Taryn Lowery, DC


hOw We MeT HaLcYoN vIlLaGe <3

So today marked the beginning of the next season for Peace of Life Chiropractic! ¬†Looking back at the journey – we have had so much fun, served many lives, inspired change in our community, created a culture of love & connection. ¬†Looking ahead……WOW!! ¬†The vision we have for our patients and our community is coming ALIVE!

Part of me is exhausted….physically and mentally. ¬†Our village has worked 12+ hour days over the last five. ¬†We started early and stayed late. ¬†We faced opposition while we crawled through the trenches. ¬†We fussed at each other. ¬†I had a melt down….LOL….one single, but very large, melt down. ¬†Plenty of moments where bystanders made the statement of, “when are you opening…oh, wow, good luck with that.” ¬†They weren’t trying to be mean or pessimistic, there was just literally an unimaginable amount of work to be done!

The other part of me feels exhilarated!!!! ¬†I really feel like God has given each of us tools, and then combined us for this amazing mission –

Connection РHelp our community feel like they are supported and loved.  Give them a place to come together in heart, philosophy, parenting, healing, grieving, thriving!

Movement – Facilitate a well-skilled, passionate, and compassionate group of professionals to help our community move! ¬†Keep them moving ūüôā

Healing РGive our community access to professionals and tools to help them restore harmony in their body.  Relieve the effects of stress and trauma.  Invite the mindset of endless possibilities!

Balance РBring awareness to the need for emotional balance.  Encourage our community to seek care for the needs of their mind, as it relates to stress response and the body.

As we find our hearts filling with purpose, fulfillment, and joy, we continue to refine how we combine what we do with how we do it.  That sounds so simple, maybe cliche, but the how is really what has set us apart.  I think the how is what will propel our community into well-being and vitality!

Drum Roll……Here’s How We Met HALCYON VILLAGE

About 3 summers ago I went on a girl’s get-away with some friends from high school in Hideaway, TX. ¬†After a fun night of wine, dinner, and games, I woke up the next day feeling rested, relaxed and nostalgic. ¬†I sat out on a quiet porch and watched the morning roll by. ¬†I began to jot down some thoughts. ¬†One thing led to the next, I had the vision for a community of people with hope and love, working together to create a place where healing and joy could be cultivated. ¬†I journaled, googled, and brainstormed until the vision had a name. ¬†Halcyon Village was born.

halcyonHalcyon is a type of bird.  It is referenced in Greek mythology.  They represent love, commitment, peace, and calm.

Village to us means the people, not necessarily the places. ¬†“It takes a village” is a proverb of unknown origin. ¬†It’s truth transcends all cultures.
We have incorporated an olive branch in the logo as well.  The branch is classically known to represent peace.  The tree has even more significance.  The tree is hollow Рministers teach that, like an olive tree, you must fill yourself with the Holy Spirit.  It is resilient Рif the trunk is cut, its roots will continue to grow.  Its heartiness and strength are qualities that justify its symbolism for righteousness.
As you can tell, these are not just words to put on a sign or business card.  These are words that represent who we are.
HV Logo
So today….it was a really good day! ¬†For somewhere around 1,095 days, we have been planning some ingredient of today. ¬†Today, our insides were seen on the outside!!
1) Dr. Joey Lowery (my Shoog) came to serve with us
2) Expansion is complete (we have an additional 650sqft)
3) Jayme Fletcher, LMT joined our village
4) Reception got a face lift
5) New equipment – cold laser, percussion, and arthrostim
6) Countless memories with our current village so we could grow our vision
I hope this tells you a little about this evolution of change in our service, culture, and staff.  I hope you come by soon to check out the feeling of our space and the amazing people that are there to serve you!
We will be publishing an updated “Body of Services” soon!!
In Love and Service,
Taryn Lowery, DC
AKA “Dr. T”


Congratulations to the 4 recipients of FREE Pelvic Stabilizers!!  We are excited to offer this great opportunity to such wonderful patients and deserving feet!!  We hope you enjoy the new pep in your step & the balance in your spine!!

Pictured below: Dr. Taryn & “Shorty”Image

May is “Correct Your Posture” Month


Question: I think I have poor posture and am wondering if there are any changes I can make that would help?

Answer: Poor posture can cause more problems than you may think. When you slouch, you add more stress to your muscles and joints, which in turn can lead to arthritis and degeneration in your joints. It also impairs your breathing, depriving you of oxygen and making you more tired. It impedes circulation and even digestion, not to mention it has a negative effect on our attitudes.

What are the benefits of good posture?

By consciously improving bone, muscle and joint alignment, there is less wear and tear of these tissues over time.  This is very important in terms of the FUNCTION of these bones, muscles and joints!  Practicing good posture can dramatically improve the longevity of your tissues, contributing to a full, pain-free range of motion, decreased back problems, as well as increased endurance in daily activities.

When you practice good posture, muscles work more efficient and require less energy.   This results in LESS fatigue and muscle strain. Poor posture creates changes in muscle length which results in asymmetrical muscle contraction.  For example, if you drive your car leaned over on your console to your right, you have a lengthened LEFT quadratus lumborum and a shortened RIGHT quadratus lumborum.  Multiply this posture x the number of hours spent in your car each day x the number of days in the year x the number of years you have been driving.  You easily see how this imbalance quickly ADDS up!! 

Oxygen should stand alone!!¬† Many of us inherit habits of shallow breaths and increased respiration over time, often due to the mechanical disadvantage of POOR POSTURE!¬† The ability to properly breathe is becoming a rare art!¬† An article by Carol Krucoff, “Better living through belly breathing” ran in The Seattle Times, May 10, 2000, section C3:¬†¬†Slow, deep breathing is a powerful anti-stress technique. When you bring air down into the lower portion of the lungs, where the oxygen exchange is most efficient, heart rate slows, blood pressure decreases, muscles relax, anxiety eases and the mind calms.

Good posture also promotes good circulation which not only prevents you from having tingly appendages, but it also aids in getting those much needed nutrients carried by the circulatory system to every joint, muscle and organ!! 

For each good ingredient that is pumped INTO the tissues via the circulatory system, we must have the by-products of your metabolism and various organ systems pumped OUT via the lymphatic system.  Many of the practices of good posture (ie. frequent, short breaks and good alignment) also promote good lymphatic flow.  This system is involuntary and lacks any muscular components, therefore it depends on the contraction and flow of surrounding tissues to work efficiently.  This dependency creates a strong coorelation between good posture and good lymphatic drainage!

Last, but not least, good posture gives you a more confident, vigorous, youthful appearance!

So what is good posture?

Good posture keeps all parts balanced and supported. Reference points for posture analysis include your ears, chin, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.  When standing, it should be possible to draw a straight line along the side of your body from your ear lobe through the shoulders, hip, knee and into the middle of the ankle.  Looking from behind, your ears, shoulders and hips should be balanced left and right.  Each area of the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum and pelvis) adapt according to position (standing, sitting, laying down, etc).  To accomplish good posture, consider this drawing in any position your day demands of you.

Computers are one of the biggest culprits for causing bad posture. If you work at a computer, do the following:

Make sure your chair fits correctly. There should be 2 inches between the front edge of the seat and the back of your knees.

Sit with your knees at approximately 90-120 degree angle. Use an angled foot rest to support your feet.

Position your computer monitor so the top of the screen is at eye level.

Keep your wrist in the neutral position while you type. You may need a wrist rest.

Take frequent, short breaks from your computer. Stretch arms, shoulders and neck during this time.

Travel can be stressful with heavy luggage and sitting for long periods. Keep the following suggestions in mind:

Don’t attempt to carry too much. Be careful with wheeled suitcases as you can twist and hurt your back when pulling on them.

Consider using a back support when sitting. If on an airplane, grab the small pillow that is available. Place this behind the small of your low back to provide good support.

Vary your position occasionally to improve circulation and avoid leg cramps and potential blood clots. Whether in a car or on a plane, move your legs and get up and walk if possible.

Most people watch TV or read for several hours a week. When selecting a living room chair or recliner:

Look for furniture that fits the person who will most often sit in it. One size does NOT fit all.

Find a chair that offers support both to your neck and low back.

Purchase a portable foot rest that can be moved around the room. This will provide added comfort and less stress to your back and neck.

Lastly, sleeping wrong can contribute to poor posture. Consider these tips:

Do not sleep on your stomach. This causes you to twist your neck to breathe, resulting in strain. It also can contribute to low back pain.

If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees to relieve pressure on your low back.

When on your side, your neck wants to be in alignment with your spine. That is, do not have your head dropping down toward the mattress or being pushed up towards the ceiling.

If you sleep on your back, you can place a pillow under your knees to relieve low back stress. Your head and neck should remain level with your upper back and spine. You may benefit from an orthopedic neck pillow that provides correct support.

Doctors of chiropractic are experts at analyzing posture and spinal problems. Consult your chiropractor for postural changes specific to you!!

In Loving Service,

Drs. Joey & Taryn Lowery