Meet the Village

The idea of Peace of Life Chiropractic originated when two chiropractic students fell in love, first with chiropractic and then with each other.  After graduation, they began to pursue their dream of opening a practice together.  Their philosophy is one in the same, so speaking for both of them, their dream does not end with only opening the doors of this practice.  Together, Drs. Joey and Taryn Lowery focus on providing LOVING SERVICE to EVERY patient equally.  Chiropractic is an art in their eyes.  Not only do they strive to treat their patients with their best technique and skill, but they strive to offer wholistic diagnostics.  Looking at the body as a self-regulating and self-healing system with an Innate Intelligence, Peace of Life Chiropractic at Halcyon Village offers fresh perspective on organic and biomechanical conditions.



PeaceofLoveHeadshots_27Dr. Taryn is certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and licensed in the state of Texas.  Her professional life began at 14 training horses.  After receiving her prerequisites for Texas A&M’s veterinary school and a Bachelor of Science at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX, she felt torn by her love for animals and the desire to serve humanity.  Before long she met a chiropractor who introduced her to chiropractic and the wholistic lifestyle that the chiropractic profession promotes.  Dr. Taryn decided to weld her two loves by becoming a chiropractor.  She graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in December 2009.

Dr. Taryn has an unextinguishable fire in her heart to help people find happiness and hope through her work as a chiropractor.  She strives to provide every patient with loving service, attention to detail, accountability and honesty.  With a special interest in pregnant women and children, Dr. Taryn focuses on the life within each of us and the possibility of something great happening!  She practices full-time at Peace of Life Chiropractic in Midlothian, TX.

Her husband Joey is her rock.  Together they live in Midlothian, TX with their daughter Mattie (check out her birth story in our September 2011 blog!!)and son Merik (delivered at home with the loving support of the Edenway Birth Center team).  The whole family gets adjusted regularly!!  She still loves training horses and of course riding.  scrapbooking, yoga, running, decorating, spending time with friends, crafts and spa-days are some of the other hobbies that she enjoys.  Most of all, her favorite thing in the world is cuddle time with her three favorite people!!

Family 2018

Dr. Taryn is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  She is certified in Webster Technique and currently working on her ICPA certification in pediatrics and pregnancy.  She also studies under several of her mentors at Standard Process, learning new, natural ways to bring balance to the chemical health of her patients.  A prominent future goal is to earn the qualifications for Applied Clinical Nutritionist.  The Lowery family loves to worship God in a variety of environments in practice of their spirituality!



PeaceofLoveHeadshots_24Dr. Joey is a 2009 graduate of Parker University’s College of Chiropractic program.  He was raised in the small town of Calhoun, LA where he graduated in 1996 from West Ouachita High School.  He then graduated in 2001 from Delta State University in Cleveland, MS, with a B.S. in Exercise Science.  He also played baseball for the 2000 Gulf South Conference champions.  From there, he achieved his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from The University of Louisiana at Monroe in Monroe, LA in 2002.  After a career in the fitness field, Dr. Joey felt a higher calling to serve others and the experience of chiropractic care was the perfect avenue for him.

Dr. Joey serves all age groups with the philosophy that we all deserve the chance to move, feel, and live healthier.  He is certified in Neurokinetic Therapy, Functional Movement Systems, and Functional Movement Taping with Rocktape.  He is currently training in Russian Kettlebells with Strong First, earning his Certification in Instructor Training.  He diligently seeks out in his various studies the applied knowledge that will only help him serve his patients better.

His true joy in life rests on his family.  His wife, Dr. Taryn, and two children, Mattie and Merik are his greatest blessings in life.  His every day includes God and his family in focus.  His interests include: drawing, music, smoking great BBQ, carpentry, and a regular exercise routine so he can chase his kids around.




PeaceofLoveHeadshots_32Jayme is a Midlothian native with a hippie soul!!!  She is married to Stan Fletcher.  She is related to half of the town 😉  She has a beautiful, curly-headed, blue-eyed little girl, Matilda.  She is an amazing mom, wife, daughter, and granddaughter (her BeBe is THE BEST!).  Her joyous spirit and vivacious energy are our favorites!

After many adventures, Jayme was called to be a massage therapist in 2007!!  She dove in head first at the American Institute of Allied Health in Lewisville, TX.  She has practiced a variety of techniques in an array of environments (she loves ours the most!!).  She has developed an art of her own.  Her intuitive hands can turn a frown upside down!

Jayme also found inspiration in the emotional healing qualities of massage.  She is a certified Level II – Usui Reiki Ryoho.  She uses her training and experience to exchange love and light with her clients.  Reiki a really beautiful, restorative therapy that helps bring harmony to the body!

Her favorite things = FAMILY!!  She loves celebrating all the occasions & has the social calendar of a celebrity!  Her daughter is the axis of her world.  Matilda = cute + sweet!!!

Once you experience Jayme’s massage, you will understand why she is a sought-after therapist!  #musclewizard #wearesoblessed #thankyouforchoosingPLC




PeaceofLoveHeadshots_28Macaley is a fun-loving, faith-filled daughter, wife, and mom!  She was born in Waco, and went to school in Milford and Frost.  She met her husband, Dwayne through a friend at their gym.  They fell in love, married, and began their happily ever after!  In 2009, sweet Miss Peighton was born.

Their family lives in Midlothian, and worship at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Cedar Hill.  They enjoy spending family time together, eating Mexican food, and loving on their animals!

Macaley is Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer.  She spent 8 years directing and coaching at Macaley’s Rock Your Body Now Boot Camp.  She served many women with her enthusiasm, encouragement, and killer work-outs!  After selflessly dedicating herself to her clients, she felt led to make a change in her daily service.

In January 2018 Macaley said yes to US!!!  We knew from the moment we received her inquiry that she was the one!!  Needless to say, she survived the rigorous interviews and became a part of our village.  She began her journey with us as our Awesome Experience Cultivator.  If you know our culture, and you happen to know Macaley, you can imagine how perfect she was at cultivating awesome experiences for you!!!

After serving our patients for 16 months, and a God-guided detour, Macaley felt called to expand her training to become a Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist!  With the inspiration of a local therapist in tow, she began to explore all that LET has to offer, and now serves our patients in a totally new way!

When you meet Macaley, you will find a big smile, a light-heart, and a lot of spunk!  She can not only get what you need done, but she will shower you with love while she does it!  We are excited for you to meet her and receive the benefits of her loving service!




PeaceofLoveHeadshots_33Mandi was born in Duncanville.  She has lived in Midlothian since 1990.  She graduated from Midlothian High School, and then from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelors of English.  She studied secondary education to embellish her love for children and learning.

Mandi is the supportive and loving wife of Bryan Wilcox from Bonham, TX.  Their love started with a blind date!  They have two adorable sons, Jaxon and Jett.  They are the light of their world!

Since joining the Peace of Life Chiropractic Family in October 2012, Mandi has discovered the art of chiropractic and she is in LOVE!  She has become a patient herself, and loves sharing her experience with her family and friends.

Let’s just say, the office is renewed with her energy!  Mandi exudes vibrance and agape love!  She leaves our patients with a pep in their step, a smile on their face, and God in their heart!  With Mandi’s authentic personality, she offers a unique enhancement to each patient’s care!

Mandi enjoys cooking, sharing recipes, DEAL-shopping and lots of family time!  She is a very talented craftswoman.  She makes jewelry, make-up, and dabbles in clothing projects.




PeaceofLoveHeadshots_26Lisa was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  She moved to Dallas at the age of 3.  Part of her journey allowed her to experience life in Munich, Germany for 4 years!!  She moved to Duncanville, Texas in 1979.  She is a Duncanville High School graduate, and maintains many personal connections there.

She is the loving wife of Rocky Munster.  She has a step-daughter, Alicia, who is soon-to-be married and a recent nursing school grad!!  After experiencing 4 miscarriages, she is the proud mom to her miracle baby, Delani.  Delani is 10 years old, and makes everyone around her melt with her sweet glow!!  Lisa and Delani are the portrait of mother-daughter love!!

With over 24 years invested in chiropractic care and service, Lisa brings invaluable experience to Peace of Life Chiropractic!  She joined our village in May 2014.  She is the face you see when you arrive, the voice you hear over the phone, and the servant on the other end of the email.  She coordinates the dozens of acts each day to accommodate patient’s needs, answer questions, and organize the schedule, all while keeping our doctors’ time managed well so we can serve the demands of our practice.  She has a huge heart, and a fiery passion for moms!!  Her drive to please and serve is one you will undoubtedly fall in love with!

Lisa has a warm and spunky family. She enjoys celebrating every opportunity with her parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews!    She also loves watching Delani play softball, shopping, spending time outside, and cooking.  She is an loved member of the Cowboy Church of Ellis County.  Their family has been active since 2007.




PeaceofLoveHeadshots_25Julia is the most spirited people-lover you will ever meet!!  She is 3rd generation MIDLO!!  She graduated from MHS and then explored Texas until 2002 when she moved back to Midlothian after her son was born.  She met her husband, THE Bill Robins ;), in 2006.  They share a love for their three children (Zoe, Titus, and Teage), family, friends, and all other humans that is palpable!  They show up for so many – so often!!  It’s awesome!

Since joining Peace of Life Chiropractic at Halcyon Village in 2019, she has exuded the qualities that she holds priority in life – serving others, making a difference, and spreading joy.  As Chief of Awe, she is dedicated to an AAWWEmazing patient experience and will help you feel at home as if you were family!

If you see Julia out with her family in friends, it will most likely be at a super-hero movie, camp-site, Ren-Fair, or Comic-Con.  They love to dress up and live out-loud!!  You won’t be surprised when you get to know her – she oozes fun, zest, creativity, and authenticity!  We are so excited to share our rare gem with you!!




PeaceofLoveHeadshots_29Leah grew up in Duncanville, TX as an only child with her mom. She was always involved in sports growing up, and could be found excelling on the soccer field most of her life. In 2005, she married her soulmate, Donnie, and gained her stepdaughter Nicole. She also has two other additions to her family, with her 2-year-old granddaughter, Chelsea, and Chelsea’s dad, Zak.

Leah loves to spend quality time with her friends and family, and one of her favorite hobbies is to watch football and track and field events. Leah is a lover of good Mexican food, country music, and white chocolate. She also loves to accessorize with her favorite fashion item – Shoes! The thing she loves the most in life is her family, and her love language is quality time and acts of service.

Since joining our village in November 2019, Leah excels in her role as Awesome Experience Cultivator with her compassion, attentiveness and warm and genuine personality. We are so thankful to have this kind soul and all-around gem of a human in our village!



Chelsea is a Life School graduate and currently attending UT. She is studying communications and leadership! She has goals of being a motivational speaker or event planner. She loves quality time with family and friends, including her Freedom Fellowship Church family 🙂 Among hosting friends and brainstorming creative gifts, coin counting is something that gives her joy!

From her unique style to breath-taking smile, you can’t mistake that Chelsea leads with her heart! She brings her own sunshine wherever she goes! Her passion for building meaningful relationships combined with her love of coffee and dark chocolate make her an integral member of our village!

Since Chelsea joined us in March 2021, it is evident that her ability to make a difference in someone’s day is what makes her the happiest! Lucky you – you are that someone! We know that you she will not only help you have a superb experience, but make you feel a little brighter before the experience is over!



Kimberly was raised in Arlington, TX and after graduating Arlington High School she studied at Tarrant County College. She married the love of her life, Jason, in 1995. They have built a family and home together while growing roots of love!! They live in Maypearl and really enjoy the country life!

She has four beautiful daughters and one granddaughter, Emery (she is THE CUTEST little thing!). Their silver lab, Charlie, and dachshund, Hundley, are among the welcome-home committee. Her love for quality time with her family is one of the many reasons that we think you will pick up on her big-hearted nature!!

If you combine vanilla lattes, George Strait, and Mexican food – you have all of Kimberly’s favorites in one! She is truly a warm, soulful woman with spicy passion for family and friends!! We are so excited for you to receive her kind and love-filled smile when you are here! If her gentle spirit doesn’t win you over, then her ability to make you feel at home will! Since joining our village in April 2021, she has shared her unique lovability. We are confident that during your visit you will find it palpable!