New Patients


At Peace of Life Chiropractic we want you to feel at home as you begin your journey on the path to wellness.  We have a kid-friendly environment and WELCOME them at all times!!  We love children and we hope they will be getting chiropractic care as well!!  If you have any questions about our office or chiropractic before your appointment, please don’t hesitate to call us!!!  We are here for YOU!  Following are few details that may help us meet your expectations ❤


Your first visit will last between 60 and 75 minutes.  We plan time for you to complete documentation, ask questions about payment elections, go potty, etc before your appointment begins.  Once your, or your child’s, consultation begins the visit is scheduled for 45-60 minutes depending on age and condition.  Subsequent visits range from 7 to 30 minutes depending on what service is being performed (check out our services here).  As with any service, times can vary – just in case, plan extra time to allow a full experience 🙂 


We have been so blessed!  Our practice continually grows as more people learn of the benefits of receiving chiropractic care.  As YOU are part of this, we extend our gratitude!  Thank you for hiring us to provide your wholistic health needs!

We are currently fueled by a small team of passionate servants, working whole-heartedly each day to meet the needs of you and your family.  Because of such a rapid growth in our practice, we are experiencing a 8-12 week delay in appointment availability.  Please know that we are trying to invent new ways to be more efficient and better serve you.  If you haven’t already scheduled your appointment, please have this expectation when you call.  The more availability you have, the sooner the appointment will likely be.  If you are limited to certain days of the week or popular times (evening), it will likely be further out before we can coordinate a time that suits your needs.

Please also allow for a little flexibility and kindness in your visit.  Our intention is always to be respectful of your time and adherent to your requests.  Since our practice is unique in the quality invested in YOU, our schedule can run a little behind.  If you are on a tight schedule, please request the 1st appointment of the shift – we always start on time 😉


Absolutely!  This is one of the most important components in not only the beginning of your care, but also the progress of your care!  One of our goals is to quantifiably improve your health!  The exam is very thorough and will serve as a guide for your care.


An adjustment is a gentle technique used to remove a subluxation.  There are a wide variety of techniques that are used by our doctors of chiropractic to accomplish this goal.  According to the age, size, condition and discomfort level of the patient, the doctor will decide what position you will be in during the adjustment, how much force will be used (this varies greatly with age) and if any instruments are needed to compliment the adjustment.  For example, babies can easily be adjusted with light contact on the exact location of subluxation and a very subtle pressure in the appropriate direction of correction.  Animals are often adjusted with an instrument called an Activator, except in the case of horses of course.  In summary, there is an adjustment that is just right for your needs as well as your comfort level.  You will never be asked to compromise your comfort!


We always do a complimentary consultation to determine if chiropractic is right for you. If you decide to proceed, we will do a thorough examination. If we do not see any contraindications to chiropractic care, we will ultimately provide that service as well.  

We do not have x-ray equipment in-house.  If x-ray is necessary to your comprehensive treatment, we have imaging centers around our office that we can refer you to.  Our office is not connected to the financial component of these imaging centers, and you will be expected to arrange payment for the imaging with the center.

As of June 20th 2022 we no longer accept 3rd party benefits.  We are not in-network with any insurance carriers, but you are welcome to use a superbill to file out-of-network benefits directly with your carrier. 

Our fee schedule is as follows:

  • Examination $90
  • 11 years of age and above $50
  • Cranial Chiropractic Care $50
  • > 11 years of age $40

To find out more about what you might expect to pay out-of-pocket, please call us at 972.775.4344. 


Unfortunately due to the fast-paced nature of our society, situations arise that necessitate a change in plans. We completely understand that situations like these can affect your scheduled appointment at Peace of Life Chiropractic. In the event you need to reschedule your appointment, we require 24 hours or 12 business hours whichever is applicable considering weekends, holidays, and hours of service.  This is a courtesy we ask for all scheduled appointments.  In the event you do not provide 24/12 hours notice, we will assess a $50 cancellation fee.

In the case of initial visits with our amazing chiropractors (45-75 minutes) or massage appointments (30-90 minutes), if we do NOT receive notice within 24/12 hours, you do not attend your appointment without notice, or you have cancelled previously, we require a $50 deposit to secure the time we reserve for your next scheduled appointment AS WELL AS the $50 cancellation fee. The $100 can be paid in person by cash, check or credit/debit card. It can also be paid over the phone by credit card. The $100 must be paid within 24 hours of scheduling your appointment, allowing the $50 deposit to be applied toward your visit upon completion. If payment is not in place within 24/12 hours of scheduling your appointment, we reserve the right to open your reserved time to other patient’s needs.

In the event you are not able to provide 24/12 hours notice for the cancellation of your appointment for which you have secured with a $50 deposit, unfortunately, we will NOT be able to refund your deposit nor will we be able to apply it to any future services nor supplies.

In an uncommon circumstance where you have two occasions that you need to reschedule your appointment, regardless of notice, we require that you secure any future appointments with a $50 deposit.  That deposit is applied, just as the other scenario, to your visit value.  As previously described, this is a non-refundable deposit.

Finally, for any appointment that is greater than or equal to an hour, after the 3rd cancellation, regardless of 24/12 hours notice, we require advanced, and nonrefundable, payment for your appointment.  This applies to all services.  

We hope to avoid any situation where this policy needs to be instated, but in the event of need, it is in place because we first, and foremost, we want to deliver exceptional communication!


For your benefit and ours, we have a very straight forward collection policy.  Once your service has been completed or your product has been selected, we request payment in full.  For ease and convenience, we offer card-on-file service to allow a fee-free way to satisfy your payment.  We also accept cash, check, and debit transactions fee-free.  For credit cards at the terminal we charge a nominal convenience fee of 2.5%

To avoid confusion in account management and limit collection emails/calls, we do not extend lines of credit for any of our customers.  If there is a unique situation that creates a balance on your account, we reserve the right to cancel future appointment times if the balance is not resolved timely and respectfully.  If you have an outstanding balance on your account, your online booking will be disabled.


Despite our love for humanity and tireless optimism of the good in others, we like to ensure that not only our staff, but also people receiving care in our space feel certain of their safety at all times.  Although rare, there are certain situations where we find it necessary to limit our reception capacity or even lock the door during business hours.

Please be informed that we reserve the right to excuse any unexpected visitors or guests without an appointment. 

If we are not expecting you, and you wish to enter a locked door during business hours, feel free to call 972-775-4344 and our phones will be directed to our awesome customer satisfaction advocates to serve your inquiry.  We expect you will find it reasonable to help us maximize safety at every opportunity.  Thank you so much for continually sharing your grace and understanding!