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Peace of Life Chiropractic at Halcyon Village is your haven for balance, healing, movement and connection.  Our focus is to facilitate well-being of each division of your health: chemical, emotional, physical and spiritual.  You will find our passion and skill, combined with your faith and willing mindset, can make amazing changes in your quality of life!

One hallmark that makes us unique is our dedication to a personalized and personal experience!  We care for our patients with the attention to detail that we would hope to receive ourselves.  We call it “relationship healthcare.”  We strive to learn your needs, serve them, and exceed your expectations during the process.

Please review our body of services designed to elevate you to the next level of health.  When you schedule your appointment, we can support you in choosing the services that best fit your needs.


Chiropractic is a loving approach to natural healing that is facilitated by a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC).  Chiropractors assess patients using clinical examination, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging and other methods to conclude a diagnosis, determining when chiropractic treatment is appropriate and when it is not in the best interest of the patient.

 The goal of chiropractic care is to help liberate the innate healing power within each of us; we are divinely created to be self-regulating, self-healing awesomeness!

The word chiropractic means “done by hand.”  Using chiropractic adjustments, the spine is relieved of areas under stress to allow the nervous system to express optimal performance, leaving you feeling taller, relaxed, renewed, and empowered!

In many cases, including ours, chiropractors use a combination of recommendations to help you achieve optimal balance as efficiently and quickly as possible.  Such recommendations may include, whole food supplementation, kinesio-tape, cold laser, stretches, strengthening exercises, orthotics, toe spacers, ergonomic or postural modifications, massage, lymphatic treatments, etc.

Most importantly, with the help of chiropractic care, you can reach new limits!!  Often the results that you experience take you far beyond what you imagined was possible.  Whether it’s better range of motion, less headaches, improved digestion, magical sleep, or enhanced performance, chiropractic care can literally change your life!

Since chiropractic care is covered by most insurance policies, and each visit is a little different in nature, we have left our fee schedule off of the website to avoid confusion.  For out-of-pocket amounts or our prompt-pay service discounts, please feel contact our amazing team to learn more about what you can expect to invest in your visit.


On your first visit, we will begin our relationship with a warm welcome.  We will learn about your priorities, goals, health history and symptoms.  We will also review each system (digestive, respiratory, etc.) to better understand your current level of health.  Following your consultation, we will conduct a thorough examination to begin diagnosing the cause of any dysfunction.  After we have gathered all the information needed, we will review what we have found out of harmony, and our recommendations to restore it.  With your permission and trust, we will begin care.


Consultation * Examination * Passive Interferential Current * Ice/Heat * Adjustment * Active Rehabilitation


Improved Range of Motion * Decreased Pain * Increased Systems Performance * Elevated Mood * Improved Sleep * Better Balance and Coordination

Adults 60 Minutes

Minors 45 Minutes


With proactive practice, we expect you will find your body free of injury and want to maintain that level of health and freedom.  For existing patients that are free of injury or acute pain, we offer a visit that allows you to enjoy an adjustment and gentle muscle balancing.


Adjustment * Active Rehabilitation


Optimal Range of Motion* Improved Stress Response * Resilient Immune System * Toxin Reduction * Increased Cognition * Erect Posture * Balanced body

15 Minutes


Most families we care for find that there are so many benefits to chiropractic care that they elect to bring their kids in to be evaluated for optimal spinal health!  After the initial visit (see Welcome to the Village), we provide loving adjustments for our pediatric patients to help them thrive!




Amazing Sleep * Happy Digestion * Strong Immune * Balanced Posture * Positive Mood * Social Adaptability * Increases Breast-Feeding Ease and Duration

10 minutes


Infant care for plagiocephaly and brachycephaly can be accomplished with specific correction to the dynamic, intricate cranial bone system.  During this visit, you will help your child find harmony between spinal alignment, cranial symmetry, and cerebrospinal fluid balance.  Care is delivered with gentle touch and sustained pressures.  Babies rest comfortably in a pillow or on mom during their treatment, and most often have a long nap, and a relaxing bowel movement following their visit.


Spinal adjustment, Cranial adjustment, Cerebrospinal Fluid Evaluation and Treatment


Amazing Sleep * Happy Digestion * Strong Immune * Balanced Posture * Positive Mood * Social Adaptability * Increases Breast-Feeding Ease and Duration * Lovely Head Shape and Performance * Advances Motor Development

15 minutes



The lymphatic system is a huge network of nodes and glands that are responsible for drainage and filtration throughout your entire body. To ensure the body is rid of toxins, heavy metals, germs, and waste, the lymphatic system needs to move freely, without clogs or restrictions. LET or Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy uses electric current, vibration and light to stimulate the movement of lymphatic tissue, allowing waste to be removed from the body.  If you want to expedite healing, LET is definitely something you want to explore!!!

To help guide you to the treatment option that best fits your needs, we offer a variety of sessions.  Please avoid using any deodorant, lotion or oil on your skin the day of your appointment.  For your best experience, we recommend that you drink 65% of your body weight in water the day before, day of, and day after your treatment.  A balance of gentle movement and rest following your treatment will maximize your results.


A comprehensive session for relief in areas that you experience chronic dysfunction and discomfort.  In this whole body treatment, our therapist uses a combination of the Therapy Heads, Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head, Pulsing Magnetic Head, and essential oils to improve circulation, decrease pain-causing inflammation, diminish swelling, and reduce cellular stress.

90 Minutes


This is Dr. Taryn’s favorite treatment!!!  A thorough session for the improved immune performance and recovery.  In this focused treatment, our therapist uses a combination of the Therapy Heads, Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head, Flat Head, and essential oils to decrease down-time, increase comfort during healing, and ward off immune crashes.

75 Minutes


LET can make dramatic changes in the body of a child!  Most needs for children under the age of 12 can be met with a modified session.  To improve health, decrease chemical stress, and remove toxins, our therapist uses a combination of Therapy Heads and essential oils.  During this session, the parent or guardian of the child can be in the room with the child to observe, increase the child’s comfort, and ask questions on their behalf.  If you doubt their attention can be held or they can lay still, you can bring a book or movie for them to enjoy during their treatment.

30 Minutes


This session, although brief, is probably one of our customer’s favorite!  During this treatment, our therapist uses a combination of the Therapy Heads, Eclipse Multi-Chromatic, Flat Head, and essential oils to relief the pressure, pain, germs, and toxins associated with congestion.  *Note – this does not include any additional areas

30 Minutes


Any bumps, bruises, swelling, pain, sprain, strain, or post-surgery – this is your ticket!!  During this LET treatment, our therapist uses a variety of techniques with the Therapy Heads, Eclipse Multi-Chromatic, Acupoint Head, and essential oils to reduce your recovery time and add comfort to your healing journey!

75 Minutes


If you have health goals – this should be one!  We commonly hear the most rave about this session!!  You will receive a comprehensive experience for your body’s toxic burden.  Using a blend of the Therapy Heads, Eclipse Multi-Chromatic, Pulsing Magnetic Head, and essential oils our therapist will facilitate flushing and detoxifying of the lymphatic system to relieve unnecessary stress on your body.  It is vital to hydrate well the day before, day of, and day after your treatment.  A balanced combination of rest and gentle movement following your treatment offers the best results.

90 Minutes


There’s always that one that needs a customization.  If that’s you, this is your solution.  During this session, you can guide our therapist to your body’s specific needs and request the use or modification of equipment.

1-2 Areas: 75 Minutes is recommended

3-4 Areas: 90 Minutes is recommended


Similar to other forms of body work, most symptoms take time to unravel the depth of the cause.  Since we advocate optimal health and highest performance, we lovingly offer a discount when you purchase a series of sessions.

3 – 75 Minute Sessions (10% off)

6 – 75 Minute Sessions (15% off)

9 – 75 Minute Sessions (18% off)


During a Gemini Photonic Detox Bath appointment, you will spend 30 minutes seated with your feet in warm water while the combination of light wavelengths and RF frequencies do all of the work! This Bio-Electric Field Therapy Detoxification oxygenates your cells, recharges your meridian and lymphatic systems, then electro-magnetically attracts the toxins to the soles of your feet and into the water. Science that speaks for itself!

For your best experience, we recommend that you drink 65% of your body weight in water the day before, day of, and day after your treatment.  A balance of clean eating, muscle movement and ample sleep following your treatment will maximize your results.

How you feel will be your proof – not the color of the water!  This device avoids the use of metal-based electrodes so you will not see the discoloration of the water from the reaction with the metal.  In other exciting news, you will not be exposed to the heavy metals of those reactions neither!!  Electro-dermal screening has shown improvements 4-6 times better than other devices that use electrical waves only.  These, among other reasons, are why we are so proud to offer you such amazing technology in Midlothian, TX!

30 Minute Sessions


Similar to our other services, most symptoms take time to unravel the depth of the cause. Depending on the amount of toxins and current health, it is recommended to combine 4-8 treatments over 4-12 weeks.  After your initial detoxification series, you can keep your toxic burden low by routine, monthly sessions.  In advocacy for your pursuit of movement, healing, balance, and connection, we offer discounted bundle prices to ensure you receive the best care for your body!

4 – 30 Minute Sessions (10% off)

8 – 30 Minute Sessions (15% off)

**bundles don’t expire, but they are not share-able**


Erchonia’s PL-Touch Level 2 Cold Laser – Proven Safe and Effective by the FDA

Low level laser therapy (LLLT), or cold laser, is a painless, sterile, non-invasive, drug-free modality that is used for a variety of conditions.  During a laser treatment, a specific infrared light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by receptors in the mitochondria of the cell to promote energy production.  This reaction:

  • Stimulates healing reactions
  • Promotes protein and growth factor synthesis
  • Expedites cell growth and proliferation
  • Enhances blood and oxygen flow
  • Reduces inflammation

Cold laser can be used to care for your body in ways that will amaze you!  Whether you are dealing with acne, indigestion, fractures, headaches, anxiety, concussion, joint pain, or a long list of other symptoms, cold laser could be a tool for you!!


The BioMat produces far infrared rays and negative ions that activate healing at the cellular level. With the use of 17 layers of unique materials, the BioMat allows you to enjoy a serene and relaxing experience, while you benefit from the built-in technology.  You can expect decreased inflammation, relaxed muscles, increased well-being, reduced stress, and improved circulation.  Tourmaline makes up one of the layers producing negative ions; it is shown to relieve stress and increase energy levels.  Amethyst is used for its superconducting capabilities; it is the source of the natural infrared rays that penetrate 6-8 inches into your body.  Specialty fabrics are woven in to intercept electromagnetic waves that cause damage to your cells as well.

Some services in our Rejuvenation Lounge can incorporate the BioMat.  You can also enjoy the benefits of the BioMat alone with the use of our headphones and guided meditation combined to create an opportunity to slow down for some self-care time!!


For existing patients with an injury or acute pain, we offer a unique service based on NeuroKinetic Therapy.  With focus placed on the harmony between the nervous, muscular, and fascial systems, recovery is proven to be quicker and more efficient.  We will perform a brief, focused assessment of the current injury.  Expectations will then be established for your treatment plan.  Once we have gone through the diagnostic process, and answered any of your questions, we will begin your treatment.


Re-Examination, Adjustment * Manual therapy * Active Rehabilitation * K-Taping


Faster Recovery * Reduction in Pain * Improved Range of Motion * Enhanced Performance * Efficient Tissue Healing * Reduce Chronic Myofascial Patterns


For existing patients that are interested in adding more resilience to their life, we provide a special visit to address areas of your health that are affected by stress, and your mind’s perception of stress.  Some people find that they have a piling list of ailments that seem to be linked, or maybe originated following a trauma.  This visit can help guide you on a path to finding the resilience you once had, allowing your quality of life to reach new limits!


Consultation * Adjustment * Nutritional & Lifestyle Recommendations


Clarity * Peace of Mind * Direction * Hope * Resilience * Better Function


Dr. Joey Lowery has copious amounts of knowledge and experience; his care is a valuable tool for any athlete.  With an examination of the movement patterns coordinated between your nervous system and body, he will determine specific corrective exercises to help you decrease injury, maximize movement, and optimize performance.  A pre and post assessment is included.

This service is also offered off-site for groups of 3 or more

15 minutes (each assessment)


We have offered hair analysis since 2013.  Providing a blueprint of one’s biochemistry, a hair tissue mineral analysis can provide pertinent information about your metabolic rate, energy levels, carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity. This screening can also be used to reduce the guesswork involved when recommending nutritional supplements and dietary modifications.  Included in this service is not only the lab results, but also a descriptive, in-person interpretation of the lab’s findings, as well as recommendations to help regain harmony.


Using the leading lab in saliva testing since 1989, DiagnosTechs, we offer a variety of profiles to test performance, metabolism, hormones, germs, and much more.  Saliva testing is a non-invasive, convenient, and precise.  Enzyme linked laboratory analysis of the saliva has become scientifically accepted, clinically applicable, an excellent alternative to serum testing, the only way to reasonably study a patient’s chronobiology, and economically feasible.  Included in this service is not only the lab results, but also a descriptive, in-person interpretation of the lab’s findings, as well as recommendations to help regain harmony.

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