Move to Health

We say “Movement is Life” on a daily basis!!  Movement has a variety of implications – exercise, breathing, range of motion, circulation, speed, spinal, extremities…..the list goes on!  Our #1 goal as chiropractors is to restore movement!  You can understand why, there’s such a high value on the quality of your body’s moves!

Justification and motivation to add chiropractic care and well-balanced exercise to your health regimen:

  • Better BRAIN performance – with movement, your frontal lobe gets excited and helps you have improved memory, decision making, impulse control, and rational thinking (less anxious).
  • Perky POSTURE – as you excite proprioceptors in your joints, you will feed your brain information to help your body have a more erect posture.
  • Reduced HEALING time – as you open and close muscles, you increase the quantity and rate of circulation bringing nutrients to your body, and also improve the flow of the lymphatic system removing waste from the healing reactions.
  • Increased RESILIENCE – if your muscles and joints are consistently working, you will have a higher average performance that results in the reduction of injuries.
  • Awesome SLEEP – with increased oxygenation and decreased tension, your muscles and nervous system can find a state of rest at night that will allow you to sleep well and wake feeling rested.

If you haven’t moved today, start today.  Consistency is the key!  Make a small, attainable goal that you strive for each day.  As you get good at consistency (daily movement), then increase the rate, range, duration, and intensity of your movement.  Measure your movement using a timer, pedometer, smart device, heart rate monitor, or match a set number steps to each of your daily tasks.  You will be in love with the difference you will feel!!

In Love and Service,

Dr. T