Eccentric Etiquette

Over time we have experienced some diverse displays of behavior in a space with a unique culture.  We have identified that since we are redefining norms in healthcare, we should also redefine the etiquette that surrounds that definition.  We expect you will find that these ideas help create an environment that is fun, safe, unpredictable, and full of love!

What we have found through experience and trial to work best follows.  Please know that aside from the few behaviors we feel strongly about, we have incorporated humor to help communicate that we realize most of these scenarios are uncommon yet included because they have happened.  We are grateful of your full participation and compliance to these minimally limiting views:

  • Be on time to your appointment ❤
  • Silence your personal devices.
  • Bring something of your own to read, or enjoy something from our library, but of course care for it as if it was your own.
  • Food is always welcome; please be sure to clean up any crumbs, grease, or stains left behind.
  • Strollers are welcome; please be courteous of others in our shared space.
  • We welcome you when you are not feeling well; if you or your child have had a germ within the last 4 days please don’t play with our toys, and don’t be offended when we apply an antimicrobial treatment after you.
  • Please ALWAYS keep your children within 4 feet of you; unattended explorers will be directed out the back door (kidding…not kidding).
  • Our fish are part of our village. We love them a lot.  Please be kind.  Do not allow your child to hit the tank, and for-the-love do not let any child ever climb on or in the tank.
  • Most of our areas are open, and we have a lot of equipment that could hurt you or be expensive to replace. Please do not touch any of the doctor’s tools, closed drawers, closed cabinets, scanners, computers, cold laser, salt lamp, tabletops or instruments that we use to help serve you.  We know it is tempting for curious little people to touch things that they are unfamiliar with.  We are glad to explain what they do, and we always appreciate the same respect we extend to you and your belongings 😊
  • No bathing in the sink
  • Heelys shoes are not allowed on our awesome race-track-like floor
  • Please use headphones if you wish to enjoy something on your personal device that has sound.
  • We love monkeys, but prefer the climbing happen on the playground. Please don’t allow your child to climb on our furniture, walls, doors, chairs, tables, sinks, etc.  They are always welcome to sit in the variety of seats available or within 4 feet of you on the floor, preferably out of the walk-ways.
  • The therapy area is for adults (with few exceptions).
  • No running, especially backwards.
  • The toys are intended for enjoyment! Please help your child enjoy them within 4 feet of you.  Please also keep the toys contained to a small area away from the walk-ways.
  • If you splash a drink on the floor or tee tee on the potty, please be courteous and let us know! We would love to get it cleaned so it doesn’t have others wondering which it is 😉
  • No hand-stands, cart wheels, back flips or other acrobatic tricks.
  • We are glad to provide one coloring page per child per visit. We offer a binder full of several choices.
  • The Rejuvenation Lounge is intended for adults (with a few exceptions). Please do not allow your child to explore this room as we have cords on the floor, hot rocks, clean sheets, and tight corners.
  • We have strategically placed the Rejuvenation Lounge in the far corner of the office to keep privacy and sound minimal. Please be mindful when a massage is in progress and use your inside-voices.
  • No person less than 5 feet tall behind the reception desk (except Macaley….LOL!)
  • Only staff is permitted in the storage room.
  • If you have an appointment where you will be face down on a table, please bring someone or something for your children to enjoy quietly in a seated position during that time. We’ve seen some tricky little people over the years, and they have a radar for when mom goes face down!!!  We LOVE all the little people, but we unfortunately do not have the time nor staff to keep them safe and boundaried when you can’t see them.  Not only that, we WANT YOU to enjoy the time you have created to help your body heal, and that requires a relaxed state of being.
  • Please help us ensure the relaxing experience is enjoyed by all awesome humans in our space. Know that our environment is to serve all different needs.  Some people are in severe pain, some tired, some in a wonderful mood, some experiencing a crisis, some handicapped, some uncoordinated, some crying, some carrying an infant, some shy.  At any moment a child running through the office, a toy shooting across the floor, or an overly loud conversation could be a challenge to another awesome human.  Simply being respectful of others, including our staff is greatly appreciated!